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The Gallica Web pages, part of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France site, provide access to a rich collection of texts, images, audio, and commentary, spanning the history of France from the fourth century to the end of the nineteenth. Important works in the fields of literature, philosophy, science, and politics are included, as well as other materials that have been significant in the history of French thought. Texts and images may be accessed via links from a chronological timeline, via the site's search engine, or via lists of themes or authors. As one would expect a complete bibliographic record is supplied for each available text (including information as to whether the digital edition is complete or abridged). A number of historic dictionaries and encyclopaedias are included at the site, as are a series of special collections, which include: 'Utopia' (images and sources of the ideal with 250 works available and a virtual exhibition); Michel Proust (a virtual exhibition dedicated to the last book of 'À la recherche du temps perdu', 'Le temps retrouvé',); and an online sound archive including Les archives de la parole, 1911-1913, Le Pont Mirabeau (1913), Discours d'hommes politiques français durant la Première guerre mondiale.

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